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19 April
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
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I’m a little strange, but in the fun kind of way. I don’t take life too seriously. I like to laugh at myself. I don’t like to be grouped in the with the prissy girls. I like to hang out with guys and do guy stuff. I’ve always been a tomboy and still continue to keep that spirit alive. I do enjoy shopping once or twice a year, but not like at the mall or anything.. It has to be special – like while on vacation.

I play for AZRD (Arizona Roller Derby). I am a blocker on the Brawlarina's. This gives me the outlet I need to be a tomboy and legally beat up on girls for fun. I play drums, but not as frequently as I used to. I've played on about 13 different cd's and in many-many-many gigs and have received cash sums for said services, so I guess that makes me a professional drummer. My heart lies with the percussion section though. Currenltly, I work as a Project Manager for IBM although I still aspire to be Sheila E.

I like geeky boys with big egos, mysterious drummer guys, and sweaty soccer players. I dislike stupid people, bad drivers (especially those that honk a lot), and girls that act stupid because they think guys like that. Puh leeze.

I have an undergrad in Behavioral Science, and an Executive MBA with an emphasis in Finance (not my choice). I still plan to finish up my PsyD in psychology someday when life affords me that opportunity. There are far too many crazies out there for me not to. I think life is far too large and wonderful to stop learning everything I can.

That about sums me up…
What's your deal?