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I have the Plague

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Roller Derby
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I have the Plague

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Roller Derby

Well, I arose this morning assuming today to be Monday. I have since learned that it is in fact, Tuesday. A story I once heard from a friend regarding a certain Argentine man that slept through an entire labor day enters my mind. Granted, I did not take lord-knows-how-many sleeping pills to accomplish this, however, I am more than certain I have contracted the Argentine Plague. In the event that such plague not exist, I hereby claim rights to any use of its namesake and stake claim to any future profits earned in curing and/or treating this illness….
That being said, I feel like doo-doo. My lungs now harbor things that a repairman should be digging out of a broken down garbage disposal. My voice is gone. My throat feels like I swallowed a Saguaro cactus without chewing.

I am trying desperately to get better! I am going on a long awaited cruise with all of my fine hunnies. I cannot be sick. I will not be sick. I have an appointment with the doctorB (the B is for bargain – haha for all you Simpson’s fans)… to get a Scopolamine patch for the boat so I don’t barf on the dance floor. I suppose I’ll have him investigate my plague as well.

Everything else is running along smoothly. Steve heads out to…. to…. to…. Well he’s leaving for somewhere tomorrow. Then by the time he gets home, I will be on my way to Ensenada. We will just have to exchange text messages in the night (kind of like passing glances in the night, but not nearly as romantic).

Well, I am off to the doctorb to get my anti-puking patch (warning: patch does not protect against puking from immense alcohol consumption. May cause dry mouth, irresistible urges to buy sombreros, and uncontrollable pissing).

More later. Stay tuned.
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