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I want my mouth to burn (and other hot topics)

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Roller Derby
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I want my mouth to burn (and other hot topics)

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Roller Derby

Buenos Noches Mia Amores!
Well this is my last weekend here in beautiful Buenos Aires. Last night I went to an Argentine dance club called Mint. It was fun. Stuff here doesn’t start until around 3AM, so when we got there at 1:45, there was NO ONE there yet!!!
We went in around 2:30. The place was really big from the outside, but not as big inside. It looked like there were separate entrances for different people – like different VIP entrances, etc., to rooms that I wasn’t allowed in to.

The music was much the same as in the US. Techno in one room and 80’s in another. Unlike in the US though, the whole place was a dance floor. You just kind of got your drink and danced where you were standing. Someone got a bucket with champagne in it, set it down in the middle of our group and we danced around it. You also just smoke where you are (lots of people smoke here) and throw it on the ground when you’re done.
I totally smelled like smoke when I got back to the hotel – around 5:30AM.

I slept until about 1:30ish this afternoon, got up, ate lunch, and watched the Benchwarmers in my room. It was pretty freaking funny!

I got an email from Wend E this afternoon about next Saturday. Her Chihuahua, Yoda, is gonna be in a race at Petsmart. I can’t think of anything more awesome!! I CAN NOT wait to see that! I love puppies, so tiny little running racing puppies has got to be FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! I offered up a tutu, but I think her dog is a boy and I’m not sure if boy dogs wear tutu’s... but…
We may be going to San Carlos to do some diving though... I'm not sure.. that would be cool too, but it's a lot of travelin in a short amount of time... but hey, my Ess-pan-yole is fresh!!! I sure would LOVE to see little racing doggies! I will lend Wend E my video camera if I can't go!!!

Other than that things are chuggin along. I can’t wait to get home and go out for some Mexican food!!!! For this being Latin America, there is NO spicy food to be found in this part of the world…. I mean no where – not even at Hooters, no hot wings, no nothing!!! I miss my AZ!!!

Tomorrow I am going to go with Tim back to Florida Street or somewhere similar. He really wants to bring is girlfriend home a nice leather jacket. It is very very sweet how much he thinks of her and how much he talks about her. I wonder if Steve thinks about me like that when he goes on his business trips??? He freaking better!!!! Anyway… I also want to find some things to bring back to my Brawlaz! Unfortunately, they don’t sell sombraros here… Oh well… 2 weeks and I will get me one in Ensenada!!! Yeee haw!!!!

Peas out… (and yes, I totally hate peas!!!)...
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