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Roller Derby
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Que Tal in Arr-hen-teen-ah!

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Roller Derby

Here I am… having a blast in Argentina! Had an interesting last couple of days… First thing is, we went to Hooters for wings… Let me tell you, this is NOTHING like the Hooters in the States. Maybe we ordered wrong, but what we got was – Holy Cow… indescribable… you just have to see the pictures. The cup with the brownish buttery lard stuff is apparently buffalo sauce that you spread on your fried chicken… umm, yum?
The yellowish looking cup-o-goo is a honey mustard flavored mayonnaise which they refer to as “ranch.” Since Ranch didn’t translate so well, we asked for Blue Cheese, and received this dirty water with floaties cup-o-somethin…. Yummmmmmmm……

To top all of this off, and just when you thought you had seen everything, Tim gets a feather – yes a freaking feather – 2 actually – fried into his wings…. What are they doing? Wow….. haha. It was an experience… haha

Monday night we went to this “Irish” pub. Since I was the only female with a group of guys, I was left to migle amongst the locals all by my lonesome while they picked up on the Senoritas. I met ltos of what seemed like interesting folks… One non-English speaking Italian guy that swore he loved me… “Love at one see” he kept saying… Hahahahahahaha!!! I got the mojo in any language I guess – or maybe it’s just drunk dudes will say anything in any language… who knows????

Tonight at dinner, it was raining. A kitty came in the restaurant (I suppose this is ok here in Argentina) and came over to me and sat in my lap during dinner. It must have sensed that I am pet-sick and miss my doooogie loogies and kittie witties...

My skates are currently stuck in customs. Ugh! I soooo wanted to skate while I was here. Oh well… plenty of that to do when I get home!

Other than that, time is going by quickly… Will see you all soon!

Moocho love!!!
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